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Pain management

In an article by Steagall et al. (2017) owners responses to a questionnaire on pain in their pets highlighted some common misconceptions: 52.9 % of owners felt that postoperative pain is important to limit their pet’s activity, and 39.4% of respondents did not think analgesics were necessary for painful conditions, such as ear infections.

The findings suggest that while owners have an understanding of the importance in treating surgical pain and feel that pain management is an important part of veterinary care, owners appear to underestimate the level of pain felt by their animal in non-surgical conditions.

If you have any questions regarding pain management please speak to us.


Steagall, P.V. et al. (2017). Owner perceptions of pain in their pets, Journal of Small Animal Practice (2017) 58, 380-388 doi: 10.1111/jsap.12674.

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