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Keeping pets safe

Today, as we were driving home from the practice, we spotted a white boxer dog running on Rosehall Road. After being narrowly missed by other cars, we stopped to catch the dog to remove it from harm’s way. As you know, this road is very dangerous, with cars travelling unnecessarily fast. I do not want to think what could have happened to this beautiful dog but we thought we were witnessing an accident in the making. I am very disappointed that several cars, both in front and behind me, did not bother to stop and make sure the dog is safe. Luckily we managed to find the owner at a nearby house, who was unaware of her missing friend.

I want to take this opportunity to stress the importance of microchipping because, not only is it compulsory since April 2016, but it serves for situations such as the one described above. The chances on finding a lost pet’s owners is increased significantly if microchipped, but that’s not all, keeping your pet’s details up to date is very important. A British Veterinary Association (BVA) study found that over 40% of vets couldn’t reunite lost dogs with their owners due to incorrect contact details on the microchip database. If you would like your pet microchipped, or if you don’t know whether your pet is microchipped, visit our practice to find out more.

On a similar note, an owner has reported his beloved cat, Snowball, missing. The cat is a white male (neutered), with a grey tail, and a black spot on his side, originating from the Balloch Road area Dykehead. If you see him please contact the practice, and/or bring him to the practice.

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