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Angiostrongylus vasorum (lungworm)

According to Andrew Francis, vet cardiologist, angiostrongylus vasorum (lungworm) is difficult to identify as the clinical signs can be non-specific, with such a wide spectrum of disease severity. Diagnosis remains challenging in many cases resulting in clinical complications, including progressive disease, unnecessary owner expense, and poor clinical outcomes including death.

Francis argues that it is important to remember that some patients can present with mild clinical signs, with a chronic cough, persistently bleeding wounds, or exercise intolerance. “Lungworm prevention may well be the best option”, according to Francis.

Pet owners need to be aware that regular administration is the only way to prevent the potentially devastating effects of lungworm.


Francis, A. (2017). Angiostrongylus vasorum – the master of disguise (advert), Journal of the British Veterinary Association Vol 181, no. 10.

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